Robot Engine Virtual Machine is Sending Huge Traffic to Domain Controller

How to control Robot Engine Virtual Machine from sending huge traffic to Domain Controller?

Issue Description: Shared Servicehost.exe process has established connections with multiple domain controllers. It is sending traffic to Domain controller. Why Windows Essential/UiPath Robot service is sending ldap queries to Domain controller?

Resolution: It is Windows Server Essentials Experience which sends the traffic to DC and not UiPath Service. With 2012 R2 UiPath Robot requires Essentials experience role and Essentials Media Pack only for OCR activities, only the role needs to be enabled and not to configure it. If role is configured, then the server will act as a secondary domain controller for the Active Directory Domain.

This is specified in Microsoft documentation Install and Configure Windows Server Essentials or Windows Server Essentials Experience .This is the reason for intense traffic between robot machine (with Windows Server Essentials Experience role) and Domain controller.

The solution is to

  • Update to 2016 Server which does not need this feature with UiPath.

If is not possible to update the current version of operating system to Windows Server 2016, the only way to resolve

  1. Completely remove Windows Server Essentials Experience role
  2. Reinstall Windows Server Essentials Experience it without configuring.