Robot dont working when close RDP

We have enterprise edition UiPath 2018.2.3 and unattended robots on VM.
We start a job from Orchestrator with “logintoconsole = false”. Job start normal and if i connect to VM and then close it - the robot stops working. When I connect again the robot resumes its work.
Why does he stop work?

Hi @Olegik_Super

It seems selector issue from here, have faced the same thing which then started working after updating selectors.

However can you log message in the start and end of activities that you are using on high level not on every activity, so that you can pin point the location where it is failing, then you can proceed from there.


thank for answer, but i think that the problem isnt in selector, because when I do not connect to the virtual machine everything works fine.

Yaa might be but you can be sure by logging messages.

I am too curious to know what is going wrong, because as a first step your robot will login into the machine and then start the process but in between if you login and then disconnects it this might be causing the issue


Make sure you have passed on the resolution.


i tried set parametr logintoconsole = true and its work fine
but now i have another problem:
when i set this parametr, resolution sets to default - 800x600 but i need 1600x900
can you help with this ?

Changed default resolution on VM via regedit
Now work fine, thanks for answer.

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