Robot doesn't show up under start Job window

I’m trying to start a job manually but the configured robot doesn’t show up here (configuration: standard robot and machine). but I’m able to see the same robot runs the workflow under machine logs.

Any idea why the robot is not getting under start job or the community edition limit this feature.
as per my understanding, publishing a process should trigger the workflow in orchestrator but why it ran 4 times when no schedule is configured.

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Buddy kindly check whether the machine name is same between your machine and the Orchestrator…
And check whether the robot of that machine is added to a environment…
And make sure that environment is tagged to your process…
Cheers @Vineet2

Hey Vineet, This usually happens when the robot isn’t added to the environment to which the process is part of! Please add your Robots to the Environments (if it wasn’t added)

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Were you able to run now buddy @Vineet2

Thanks for the follow up, It looks like robot is not tagged to environment,from where I can do this edit

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Fantastic buddy…
Go to robot tab
Click environment tab in it ( at the top )
Then create a environment if there is no environment created…
After creating…go to the right end of that environment name we will be having an option of update/edit…
Click and mention the robot of yours buddy
Then you can run the job by as usual…
Try this and let know buddy @Vineet2

Got it now thanks,

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