Robot doesn't find Browser Window in RDP Closed session

Since about a year I have a attended bot running on a VM, which is scheduled to run several processes during the day. The scheduling mechanism is realized through the Windows Scheduler.
The process includes interaction between the bot and Chrome internet browser and a minimum set of applications including MS Excel.

The browser is called in several (sub-)processes through the ‘Attach Browser’ activity. It went without problems until about a week ago. The scheduled runs on 20/1/2020 suddenly made the bot halt at the moment the ‘Attach Browser’ Activity was called. Troubleshooting showed me that this was only the case when the RDP session was closed. Once opened and the bot was started, it ran flawless.

Nothing has changed on the bot side nor VM or connectivity. I am wondering what the issue could be. The Attach Browser activity was and is still called with Selector looking for the Chrome Browser. And not through passing on the Browser Object between the main and sub flows. This should work fine as well now as it did before.

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