Robot does not work properly in remote desktop


Robot works correctly in RDC while RDC panel is on foreground. But whenever I send it to the background the process is failed. The robot version is 2022.10.4. Why it could be like that? Is there any opinion?

if you are using ui activities and running from studio i think its normal,

if you try to run the robot from orch by trigger it will works

I use orchestrator to run it


Ideally whenever you run from or hestrator or in unattended mode it is intended to not open the system and let the bot take control and login to rdp …

If this is what is fone then it would not fail…else if you try to open rdp run bot and then close rdp or minimize or move to different screen the bot would fail as the ui control is not present

Hope this hells


set a trigger and close the server before the job works