Robot does not work perfectly, after having changed the remote desktop

The Client changed the robot’s remote desktop, for user issues, etc. But now, the robot when started by Orchestrator has always failed in selectors, but when I check the selectors do not show errors. When we start work on the robot again, it works without errors. This has been happening constantly.

Its bit confusing, Can you please be more specific and elaborate ?
If possible, Please share screen shots.

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Yes of course.

The Client we worked on made changes to the robot’s remote desktop. It was already in production and was working perfectly before the changes.

Now every time it is triggered by Orchestrator (it is unattended robot) the following message occurs:

I have already checked the customer’s system, and I cannot find the possible cause of the problem. Can you itachieves help-me?

When it was working before, was it on a remote machine? Does the selector require the screen to be visible? When you say you are starting the Robot yourself, are you logged into the VM?

Its just a selector issue.
The development environment and the Production environment are different, The workflow works very well in development environment because its developed there itself but sometimes it doesn’t work as expected in Production environment, It doesn’t find the correct selector because of changed environment.

So first what you do is, Fix the selector, Make it robust so that it works anywhere.
Then try again, It works perfectly.