Robot does not click on Finish Text for Excel columns

I have a problem, the robot needs to read a date column and I need to count the lines per month, but I had a problem with the activity of counting the lines, because the filter was not recognizing the value, so I thought it best to use in Excel Text for columns and delimit the value by month, the robot runs perfectly even before completing, when you click on complete the table does not divide, the click and send hotkey does not seem to work in this Excel activity. What can I do for the robot to click on this to complete?


Because if it clicks, it will work perfectly, because it will read a column of the month and enter the loop.

There are activities that do Excel Text to column

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thanks for your reply, but you can help me? because i didn’t find this package

I couldn’t find the activity unfortunately. I’m sure i’ve seen it. Might have been internal or StudioX.

Anyways, I wrote some code for that assuming your delimiter is a space. It should help.
Main.xaml (6.4 KB)

You’ll need to install this dependency:

Here’s more documentation if you want to mess around with it:

Okay yes, it was the Studio X activity. Here’s how to use it:

You’ll probably need to enable the filter in the activities pane.

I would personally use the invoke code method because you don’t have to flip flop excel scopes (haven’t figured out how to use studio x activity in the normal Excel scope)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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