Robot, connected to orchestrator, but still want to use other activities feeds


From what I’ve understand after reading document on this link About the Activities Feeds ; if a robot already connected to orchestrator, it won’t be able to use any external activities feeds like and

Is my interpretation of the docs correct about this? If it is, is there a way to make robot also check the other feeds instead of only from the local and from orchestrator?

I have a case where the an orchestrator-connected robot is using an activitiy package that is not available in both local and orchestrator. Installing the package manually is really a hassle because of the activity package’s dependency. So in order to make the robot run the workflow normally, I had to open the flow’s project using studio in the same machine in the robot. The studio will then download all dependencies from external feed. After that, the flow can be ran normally in robot.

I’ll be open for any solutions or workaround for this. Thank you in advance.

Hello @beantony ,

I hope you want to execute the workflow from the Orchestrator and you doubt about the package installation? Is my understanding correct?

Are you getting any error while executing from Orchestrator?


sorry I forgot to mention, it is an attended robot.

The case is like this :

  • There’s a flow that are using uipath.mail.activities version 1.9.x.
  • Orchestrator and local package feeds only have uipath.mail.activities version 1.12.x
  • When the flow is started on robot, robot only check the orchestrator and local feeds… not to other external feeds
  • Robot won’t find the correct version of uipath.mail.actvities, but will try to run it anyway
  • flow ran normally, until it reached the sequence that use activities from uipath.mail.message. It’ll throw an error
  • as a workaround, I opened the project.json in the .nuget folder using the studio
  • studio then will succesfully retrieve the uipath.mail.activities 1.9.5 from external feed from that machine
  • after this, the flow can be run normally in robot

This will be a problem if I have multiple machine… and I had to do this everytime I got a new workflow package, especially if the devs are using activity library that does not available yet on orchestrator.