Robot connected but not shown in Orchestrator

Hello everyone,
I have redesigned my robot as unattended. UIPAthRobot is connected and licensed but in orchestrator it is shown as disconnected. At “Machines” it says that 2 robots were found and one of them is unknown.

Does anybody have an idea what I have to do to get it working again?

Greetings Scathara!

You are using a Standard Machine named “ACEPC” does this match the actual name of your host machine that the Robot is connected to? The user that you use to log into the host, is it part of a domain called “Desktop”? If not, it should also match the name of your host in the format of [domain|hostname][username].

From a command prompt run the command whoami to validate what you should have in the User field.


ACEPC is not part of the host name. its just the brand


It used to work like this before I updated from 20.2.0 to 20.4.0.

how should I rename it in my case?

thanks for your help

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Its working. thanks for your help !

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