Robot connected. But not showing licensed, even though license code is valid. Orchestrator's license is active



Hi Friends,

I have enterprise trail license, which is valid until this month 20th, 2018. For this license i can able to connect 10 dev bots, 10 attended and 10 unattended robots.

My issue:
I created a VM and installed uipath robot. robot connected to the orchestrator, but can’t able to get licensed.
image . Please help me.

I have created environment and added the robot to the environment. I did everything. still the robot is not getting licensed.

Naga Sripathi


Can you please hover the mouse button over the Connected status in tray?
Does it say “no more licenses available” ?

Also, can you post a picture of the Licenses page in Orchestrator?



Thanks for the reply. Here you go.image


And what does the hover over the robot tray’s status say ? The one where is says “Connected”.
Also, can you open event viewer, refresh robot tray and see if there is any error displayed there ?