Robot communication with orchestrator from a closed network (Secure Zone)

I have a customer that is running most of their applications on a closed network (Secure Zone) where connections from the outside - in is not possible. We are delivering the robots as a service from our network, so orchestrator is not within their network and therefore only open networks are able to receive connections from the orchestrator and robots that we are hosting.

My question is if it is possible that the robot agent, which “lives” on a server within the customers closed network can pull from there? From what I can understand this is difficult because of the licensing of the robot which is sent from orchestrator and to the agent in order to process a job. In this case we need it to be the other way around that the agent (robot) can listen and pull jobs from orchestrator. The connections must be initiated from with the closed network. Is this possible?

Please let me know if this is possible
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As far as I’m aware (unless it was changed since 2018.1 when I last checked) the connection with SignalR is Robot->Orchestrator only (simplifying - it’s a pull mechanism) and the Orchestrator never connects to the Robot.

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Yes you are correct, after reading a little more in the in the orchestrator guide I figured it out.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

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