Robot can't see any nuget packages when nugetServerUrl is a network directory?

This is all using Studio & Robot 2018.4.5, not connected to any Orchestrator.

Configuring nuGetServerUrl (via UiPath.Settings) is working great for local directories.

When that param is set to any local directory, I am finding that Studio will successfully publish to the directory, and Robot will immediately recognise the package update, as expected.

However, when I set nuGetServerUrl to any network location, Studio will successfully publish fine, but Robot will not see any available processes. These are packages that otherwise work fine when Robot is looking at the same packages in a local directory.

I’ve tried

  • Using mapped drive syntax (Studio publishes fine, Robot sees nothing)
  • Using UNC path (Studio publishes fine, Robot sees nothing)
  • Adding it to the directory via nuget CL (Robot sees nothing)

Bit stumped. Network paths seem to be a standard use case. Am I missing something?


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Ok, the problem was that Robot is installed as a windows service (which cannot access user-permissioned network locations) whereas Studio can access that location fine.

Looks like the fix is to switch Robot to user-mode (or install it like that in the first place), which seems tricky on 2018.4.x, but that’s a separate issue


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