Robot cant read email whos recipient is from ""

I am trying to read emails subject and saving attachment if there is any from top 10. One of the email i received is from "" as recipient with an attachment. But when i run my robot, UI path is skipping this email. Anyone knows it why? Is there any solution to read such types of email or its UI Path limitation.

@Pravin_Pawar1 - Try to run in Debug Mode. Double check whether you have clicked on the properties like Unread mail only or any properties.
If you using Outlook then try to authenticate outlook with exchange and then use Exchange activities to read the mails.


I checked the properties and its correct.bots is reading every email correctly except the email from “”. Even my friend tried but we failed.

Try to use exchange.

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Could you provide a screenshot of that sample email?

Could you also provide another screenshot of the Locals panel during a debugging session that displays all the properties of your mail messages?
It would help to know if the email is read but with empty property or whether it is not fetched at all.