Robot Can't get access to newly created file through Orchestrator

Hi everyone,
i’m quite new in RPA and development, so please don’t throw tomatos to me for stupid questions :slight_smile:

I have a process which save some data from application to CSV file. Next action is to read that file and put the data to excel worksheet.

When i starting process from Studio everything works perfectly, however after I upload process to Orchestrator and try to start execution fail occur.
Exception is here:
Info: File’C:\Users\Sergey\Documents\Forex\для мышиного хвоста\GBPUSD144020201027.csv’ не найденnot found.

RemoteException wrapping System.IO.FileNotFoundException: File ‘C:\Users\Sergey\Documents\Forex\для мышиного хвоста\GBPUSD144020201027.csv’ not found.
в UiPath.CSV.Activities.ReadCsvFile.EndExecute(AsyncCodeActivityContext context, IAsyncResult result)

What can be a reason for such error? File is in place.

Thanks for answers

Solve it by adding “Delay” activity.
Seems that capacity of laptop are lower than speed of execution on Orchestrator

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