Robot can not perform/ find Elements on the Screen when job triggered from Orchestrator

How to troubleshoot the Robot that is unable to find/ perform the elements on the screen when the job is triggered from Orchestrator and LoginToConsole = True?

Executing the Job in a Robot machine with the LoginToConsole = False is not possible as there was a disclaimer window (that is disabled now) and a window to enter the password as a secondary level of authentication.

When the LoginToConsole is set as True, the workflow executes but it couldn’t find a pop-up because of which it throws an error.

  1. Add an Element exists activity to check for all pop-ups and interact with them
  2. if it returns true, it indicates that has helped to resolve the issue related to the pop-up.

However, there was an issue with another window (that appears after entering the password). The Robot couldn't find that window as the Login window wasn't completed successfully.

To confirm the above behavior, try adding the exception screenshots and notice if the resolution is different. As custom resolution could not be set in LoginToConsole = true mode, the job needs to be triggered with LoginToConsole as false along with a custom resolution of the machine, where the workflow is developed.

Setting LoginToConsole = False provides the resolution.