Robot can interact with application only when running as admin

How to run the Robot as Unattended if can only interact with the application when running as admin?

Check the Integrity Level of the application by accessing the .exe file of the program > Right Click > Compatibility tab:

If the Integrity Control is higher in the application than in the Robot, this last one will not be able to interact with the Application. If we  reduce the integrity level of the application to "Medium" the Robot could properly interact with it and also the Unattended process could be triggered properly.

Mandatory Integrity Control

How to see the Integrity Control level:

Use Process Explorer Open View > SelectColumns > Integrity Level:


Check if the application has been set to "Run as Admin" > if that's the case then will run with High integrity > by removing that "check" will make the app to require Medium Integrity and Robot will be able to interact with it.

For example: by default the UiAgent will have Integrity level medium, if the application that needs to interact with requires to be High, the Robot will not be able to interact with it and extract the selectors :




If by any reason the application requires a Higher Integrity Level than the Robot can run as, an alternative solution would be to use Image Automation.