Robot auto closed after a few second


I would ask, why I can’t run robot when using UiPath Assistance / manual trigger using bat file.

if I run using UiPath Studio no issue.

Language: VB
Run using uipath assistance
No error, just stop running after a few second. but my activities do not trigger.

Thank you in advance


Can you elaborate?
Which version of UiPath do you use?
What about compatibility of your project?

Can you share your nupkg and/or project? It’s no problem if dummy which can be reproduced issue.


Hello @mzbar

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Please check the below video. Hope you are using the uirobot.exe to execute the project.


ok, I use UiPath Studio Community V2022.10.3
compatibility Window.

Sorry i can’t attached file as i’am new user in this forum.

nvm i upload to gdrive
nupkg - TestVB.1.0.1.nupkg - Google Drive
project - - Google Drive

thank you


In my environment (Studio22.4.6) , it works as the following.

There might be something issue in your environment…

Is there any log in EventLog of OS (Such as WindowsLog- Application) ?


yes, got error UiPath.Executor
Duplicate assembly: C:\Users\xxxxx.nuget\packages\uipath.mail.activities\1.18.1\lib/net6.0-windows7.0/Office.dll

still checking. if you have idea, appreciate it.

thank you

Nvm, now ok after i uninstall Framework .Net Core 6. duplicate

thank you so much