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Can i run multiple project on the same robot ( attended ) if i scheduled them

Thanks in advance

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Hi @tharuler,

Yes, but you cannot run more than one project at a time.



i just have to run it one by a time, right ? we’re talkin about attended one

Sorry, I did pay attention, my answer is for unattended robot, maybe @loginerror can give a proper information.

Hi @tharuler,

Yes,it is possible run multiple projects on the same attended bot.


Yes, You can run multiple projects on the same attended bot, unless their run time overlap with the next schedule or scheduled for the same time.


Of course you can run multiple project in one robot
But not at a time being attended
—and the scheduled can be daily now managed in from robot tray itself

Kindly have a view on this for more details

It’s now even live in 2019.12

Cheers @tharuler

Hi @tharuler

Please also see our documentation here:

It goes in-depth on what is possible with the latest UiPath Robot version :slight_smile:

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The short answer is that it is not supported to schedule attended robots, they are to be triggered by human only.

Not just quite:

Starting another foreground process while one is already running is not possible. Background processes, on the other hand, can be started regardless of the state and type of the other processes.

You can have 1 foreground process (with UIAutomation package) and multiple background ones (without this package) running :slight_smile:

And again, I’m too quick to answer. The original poster asked “(…) if I scheduel them”.
Well, you cannot schedule attended processes from Orchestrator.

The processes can activate themselves though, as stated in the documentation:

You can use the Run Parallel Process activity in your background processes to start other processes, based on triggers you need. Processes started by this activity run independently. For example, a background process which monitors particular actions can start a new process (foreground or background) and continue to monitor the specific action without being interrupted. A background process loaded by this activity starts right away, even if a foreground and one or more background processes are already running. If the activity starts a foreground process, one of the following situations occurs:

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