Robot agent waits for a long time before running after click start button

The process has been running under production environment for several months. However because of the computer’s system breakdown we reinstalled the Studio and Robot not long ago. Since then, every time we click the start button in robot tray, the robot agent always wait for a long time (~5 min) before actually start running.

Also the computer’s firewall port 443 is opened.
We used the Studio Enterprise edition 18.2.3 version and a robot.

Is there any solution to speed up the wait time?
Thank you so much!

Hello @RoseFeng,
Have you tried to contact with technical support?

Ok I will try to contact the technical support. Thank you for your suggestion.

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I have had the same issue (but not so long, only about a minute) on Window Server 2012. After upgrading to 18.4.4 the problem disappeared.

Hi thank you for your sharing. Did you upgrade the Studio Enterprise edition to 18.4.4 version? Will this upgrading affect the process under production for instance needing some debugging before republish it?


Yes you can upgrade to 18.4.4 version and you may need to update some dependencies.

For details please compare both product releases and based on that proceed further.

You need to update your packages and check in the release notes if the activities you are using are impacted or not.

I see. Thank you so much for your help.