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In the process of evaluating, I am using community edition of uipath, and the orchestrator license states valid until June 2021. It has been a slow process for us and I have not modified the robot processes for a long time and decided to restart work on it. I have updated one process (minimal change), published it, managed to run it once through the robot tray but then the 2 processes that I previously had in the robot tray have disappeared. It is connected to the orchestrator and it says unlicensed.
Also, when I try to execute the jobs directly from the orchestrator, I get an error message that the jobs are pending. But I believe that is unrelated.

Could you please assist on how to proceed?

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@b.jovanovski Maybe the System Passwords are changed and you may have to edit it when configuring the Unattended Robot

Nothing really has changed. I just changed a few lines in the process execution and that was it. The process executed right after the change once, still showing in the robot tray. After an hour or so, the processes were gone without changing anything further.

@b.jovanovski Sometimes due to Internet Connectivity issues that happens :sweat_smile: , If the issue Still persists,Try disconnecting from Orchestrator and connect it again

Done that too :expressionless:

When I try to debug the process from the Studio, it tells me that there are no available licenses on the server

@b.jovanovski Can you maybe show Screenshots of Robots in the Orchestrator and of the UiPath Robot Tray ?


There are no processes available in the tray - and there used to be.

When I try to run or debug the process from within studio, I get this error message, but the license on the server is until June 2021

Hi @b.jovanovski,

Please check your licence allocation for orchestrator

Omkar P

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Hmm.could that be the reason? I did not change any of this myself prior to its working earlier.

But then I have this when I look at the licenses

Yes allocate unattended for 1 you have

Can you check edit service?

Ok, so I allocated the licenses although I had not deallocated them earlier. Now it seems I have two entries for the unattended licenses. They both refer to the correct (same) machine, but what I assume is the one that does not work is unlicensed, but the one I just allocated the license for has no service_username → where can I include the user?

Now go and create starting from robot and type unattended with same mechine

Now I get The user DOMAIN\USER from machine <MACHINE_NAME> is already used by another robot (#1001) although there are no robots ???

Delete mechine environment all and re create again

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