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Heyyy @Lahiru.Fernando,

Yeah, after a long time in the forum :smiley:. I’m doing good. Thank you. Hope you are doing good. I was assigned to a project which is related to data analytics (OBIEE) where I have lot of work to do. I have to work atleast 14 hours a day to finish my task. So, I’m not answering even a single question in the forum from last month. Missing the competition :smiley: . I just want to connect with you people atleast on weekends. So, thought of answering yesterday.

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When did you get into data analytics? That’s my origin domain too… haha

That’s my domain too. We have an requirement to build some accelerators to migrate the data from OBIEE to any other reporting tools using OBIEE SOAP WEB Services. Where I was a part of that team, First I was into JAVASCRIPT and HTML as Tableau web data connector supports JavaScript only. We build that one successfully, Then we have an requirement to move it to Power BI and Qlik, So, we used Angular and JAVA (to convert SOAP web services to REST) for the data migration. Even for SpotFire, we used PYTHON to migrate the data. There it started all. We got an new requirement to build an application for HR, so we used C# (MVC 4), Angular and SQL server to do that. Then I was into UiPath to do some automations for finance team. Now, again back to data analytics :smiley: . This is my entire journey in IT :smiley:. Got an oppurtunity to share all this here. Sorry if this is wrong time and wrong window to share this @Lahiru.Fernando

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Great journey @HareeshMR bro…
No bro…this is right window and only yours window to share everything


Thank you @sandeep13 bro :slight_smile:


@HareeshMR well it’s our friend @sandeep13’s post. So I think he will be fine with all this chat going on here :rofl:

The topic is about his achievements but we talk about our journey in IT :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: lol

I think your journey is bit similar to fine. I first started with Java, Vb.Net and C# as a software engineer. Then I got into data Warehousing and business Intelligence. There I used SQL, OBIEE, Azure, power Bi and tableau. And then… now I’m moving into fulltime RPA because I believe this is where I belong.

Finally found the domain I really belong with our UiPath friends. So Im doing everything to make my presence here in the RPA industry… Because I love RPA and UiPath and I feel I’m more stronger here :slightly_smiling_face:

Aaa see… he is okay hahaha


Congratulations @sandeep13:clap::clap::clap:


Thanks @balupad14


Congratulations @sandeep13

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


Thanks @pattyricarte


Your most welcome @sandeep13