Risk during reading a folder

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Need a help.
Suppose we are reading a folder which is having more than 25k files. So in that case our process get lagged or not while reading it, Basically i need to know about its Risk.
As we know sometimes if lag occurs it may corrupt that file or folder.

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Here, are you reading all file contents from that folder ?

That I am not sure whether we need to whole data of every file or not.Whatever is your suggestion please provide assuming both scenarios.


you said folder contains more than 25K files. So to process that many files system will lagg. use high configuration system and may be it will help.

ok thanku so much.

Load the file path list into a List or Array and then process one file at a time.

If you load 25k files (if the size is more),then the program will be out of memory.
I do not see any scenario that you need to load 25k files.

Karthik Byggari

sure …thnx

if you want to process all of them, before getting them into Array?list make a count then if count is more then divide them based on time/Date/Some scenario then process them batch by batch, if you try to process all at once there might be chance of folder crash.

ok thnku.