Risk Assessment Documentation for Studio or StudioX

I am looking for a risk assessment report for UiPath Studio or Studio X.

Hi @cbnetworks

You can look into the following resources to build the risk assessment profile:

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Thank you, @arjunshenoy !

I was able to read through your links and they are very helpful.

This would be my first go at conducting a risk assessment. Do you know of any reports directly related to UiPath Studio or Studio X? The UiPath Security | UiPath page has a lot of great information on policies in place. I’m not sure how to verify how well the policies are working.


Please find these sample templates. It might give you some insights on building one according to your use case:

risk-analysis-template.doc (157.5 KB)
Robotic-Process-Automation-Assessment-Template.pdf (198.0 KB)

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Thank you!

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