Right click on every file in a folder

Good day,

I would like to built a robot that right clicks on every file in a folder one by one.
Could someone provide a code or some help?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @artem1

use while condition to loop it and then

use click activity and set mouse button property as btn_right and then click on the manipulations you need

Ashwin S

What I write into the condition?
It would be if there is a file unclicked.

Hi @artem1

give a counter variable and set the value as 0

and give it as counter<>10
and then use the click

Ashwin S

is there any particular reason why you are performing Right click on all files?

These are rar files and I would like to right click on them open 7 zip extract to normal file and than to pack them into a zip file

I work for 2 weeks with UiPath how I insert a counter variable?

Hi @artem1

go to variable pane and create a variable as counter and set the type as int32 and set the value as 0


Check this

Ashwin S

Please check

Hey ,

Open the Specified folder by Start Process Activity in which you wanted to be right clicked .
Use the Below selector by changing the idx changing from 2 to as per your requirement with minor change or so in FOR EACH LOOP as per need :


It will work For Sure !!