Right click - context menu for incorrect element popping up

I have an activity that is right clicking on an element in a list of items.

I expect it to bring up the context menu for the specified target element, but for some reason it’s instead showing the context menu for an element that’s exactly 15 items above in the list.

This only happens when I enable the SendWindowMessages property. If I uncheck that property then it works fine, but I require it to be on so that I can run it in the background (note that SimulateClick is not compatible for right clicks).

Unfortunately the app that im automating does not bring up a context menu when clicking shift+F10, so I can’t use that standard shortcut either.

Wondering if anybody has come across this before and if you can think of any workarounds?

What kind of application you are using? i imagine if the element is a list and you need the right click on top of an specific text, then you need a better target for your click activity. Maybe trying with click ocr text or something…