Right click and download

How to download a file by right clicking on the download link and then i have to choose ‘save as’… I am not able to move and select save as option… Suggest me

You’ll have to press F2 after clicking “indicate on screen” in UiPath. Then during a 3 second window you should right click on the link so the dialog box pops up

@Darshhan Have you tried using a click activity set to right click then a type into activity with no target set and WaitForReady = NONE, Text = “[k(down)][k(down)][k(down)][k(down)][k(enter)]”? Once the robot clicks the link you wish to save the target of, the popup menu should have focus. Down arrow x 4 plus enter should open the context menu to save the file target file.

Hope this helps!

Tyler how do you put focus on the menu that has the Save Target as.

I know it has something to do with F2 but I cannot make it happen.

If you are able to right click the download link the dialog which contains save file as should already have focus. It may be possible to use another click activity on the save file as (after the right click) if you are able to find the appropriate selector for that option.

this helped me with rt click n download, thanks a bunch!!!