Rgex other than is pattern matching

I dont have is matching patern activity due to package version
is there any method to extract through regex


you can use this expression in assign activity


if you want to use this expresion

click on imports and search system.text.regularexpression and click on that



I dont have is matching patern activity due to package version

IsMacth activity is renamed to IsTextMatching activity in recent version. Can you try this?



Hi @Girid

The names of the Regex matches activities changed.
→ The Matches activity changed it to Find Matching Patterns activity.

→ The IsMatch activity changed it to Is Text Matching.

Hope it helps!!

Hey @Girid ,try upgrading your packages if that is a problem then just Use
System.text.regularexpressions.regex(inputstring, pattern ).value

Import the namespace too → System.Text.regularexpressions

Hope it helps u out

Where is the namespace import

Please refer above screenshot
so basically it is near variables panel

Hope it helps u out1

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You don’t have to import the namespace. Typing the expression does the imports for you automatically.

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Thank you @Vikas_M , it worked


see in my first post i have shown the imports

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