🆕 Reviews Campaign: Rate UiPath on G2 and get rewarded!

:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: Until February 24th, the first 100 reviewers of UiPath on G2, will receive a 25$ Amazon Gift Card.
If your review will be approved within the first 100 ones, you will receive the gift card directly from the G2 team as a Thank You for contributing with a detailed, balanced, complete review.

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I think they’ve changed it to first 20 reviews.

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Thanks for flagging this! It’s an error and we’ll fix it. The total number of gift cards that will be issued it’s 100 and unfortunately, we won’t have an automated countdown.

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Curious if there’s still available Gift Cards, so I could share on Social Media :slight_smile:

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@Dana_Mustatea This is the last message from me on open forum that please stop harassing the user by giving some fake updates etc from your partner. I never wanted to put the details here . See the pain which I shared by my mail raveenasingh@tutamail.com . Really in future although I use UiPath but will never suggest someone to review for it and waste his/her time @mateuszmacheta