Review a feature to be added to queues

I’ve worked with multiple RPA platforms and a feature I currently miss should be reviewed.

  1. Queue Status: In another platform we used this field in a key way by keeping up with what steps we completed. We would also be able to skip steps in the process when we retried.

  2. Tags: It gave us further capabilities to create multiple processes that had different business logic to pick from the same queue or even pick specific items from them besides by priority or FiFO.

Any feedback or review of these features would be great.


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Queue Status: We have a progress field that can be taken into account so you’re not repeating the steps
Tags: They are on the roadmap

@badita care to explain what activity I can find the Progess field in? Where will I find the Progress field on the Orch?

Thanks in advance

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.