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I have a problem where I need to find out in a column whether there is a number that is greater than 100 or not. How can I do this without foreach row, since iterating over each element of the string is also inconvenient. The column goes like this:

any help is appreciated
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in general we would do with

  • filter Datatable Activity
  • LINQ

Do you need a boolean True/Fals if any column with a value > 100 exists or are you nterested on the filtered rows?

i need boolean true/false
using the filter datatable, I was unable to identify

give a try on following

Assign Activity:
LeftSide: 100Check | datatype: Boolean
Right side:

YourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable.Any(Function (x) CDbl(“0” & x(“Change”).toString.Trim) > 100)

Check and ensure on how the values are readin into datatable from Excel. Depending on this it also needs to get handle that Comma is decimal seperator instead of default group seperator

Using filter datatable we just check the rowcount from returned filtered datatable

I will check and get back to you with an answer

hi i tested what you sent me, but in some cases it doesn’t work like here:

Throws an error like this:

this values cannot be converted into a double as it is not a valid double value string.
In such case the dataquality has to be increased e.g. by a datacleansing or filtering out invvalid values in advance

this value was not shown on screenshot above. So we didnt incorporated this within our suggestion / solution strategy

Got it, thank you very much

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