Revamped training material Level 1 Lesson 6 part 3 Dynamic selectors

Just watched the video on dynamic selectors and found it very unhelpful.

I understand that you need to replace various aspects with lets say variables or wildcards but this video was (in my opinion) not great at explaining why certain elements were being removed or replaced with something else (eg at one point there was a selector change in the tiny properties text box so you couldn’t really see what was going on, they seemed to be replacing a 0 with a variable input by the user to select a button, but I had not seen the 0 when they were examining the selector in UI explorer so where did that come from, also video quality is dreadful, due to the auto quality selector in the videos which can’t be manually adjusted, I know that s down to my broadband connection but it would be great to pick the video quality so this is not an issue) , hopefully later on in the course there is further detail because that was not very informative.

I thought that the selector material in the pre ‘revamped’ training was also lacking and hoped that the Revamped material would be clearer.

I agree. This is not the best video. I could not read the code in the selector to emulate on my own computer. If the presenter had just shown me the code in the selector window, then I could see what I was doing