Revamped Alerts in Orchestrator

Hello, UiPath community!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve re-worked some of the functionality in Orchestrator alerts to bring you more value, faster. Let’s look at what’s new and improved:

  • More actionable alerts - we’re adding deep-linking to alert notifications, so you can get more details on a specific alert directly from the email alerts in your inbox or from in-Orchestrator alerts with just one click

  • New email template – we’ve updated our Alerts email design for you to be able to find (and act on) important information more quickly:

  • Revisited alerts behavior – we listened to your feedback regarding what the most important alerts are to you, so you can now:

    • Differentiate between Attended and Unattended Robot alerts; we also reduced the severity of Attended Robot alerts, such that they are no longer sent via email
    • Configure alert triggers for jobs that are stuck or have not completed
  • More granular alerts subscription at Tenant level - within a Tenant, users can now subscribe to alerts based on component , event, and severity

  • Per-user alerts toggle at Folder level - Folder admins can now enable/disable alerts for a particular user at Folder level. When coupled with the previous controls at Tenant level, you get fine-grained control over who gets which alerts

These changes are currently available to users of UiPath Automation Cloud. We’re continuously improving Alerts in Orchestrator, so let us know what you think about these updates and what you’d like to see next.

Thank you!


Oh much needed :pray::crossed_fingers:


Will the deeplink targets be documented? Will similar “Share” links added to the Orchestrator UI that can generate these links?

I envisage such functionality would be useful for sharing links to other team members, when using webhook-based alerts or integrations with issue-tracking software such as Zendesk and Jira.

The links appear to follow this format:<account-guid>/<tenant-guid>/orchestrator_/deeplink?Target=<target-item-type>&FolderId=<folder-id>&<target-specific-key-value-pairs>

Wow Interesting…


Wish we could adjust time daily alert is sent.
Living in UTC +10 the email arrives at 17:00 (17:03 to be exact)
Information is too old to be useful when reading email following morning for events which happened >24 hours prior.
The only documentation to change this indicates on-premises only.


Looks super nice! This leads to the next question: Will these be available in on-premise Orchestrator too? Someday, maybe?


Hi, Eeva!

Yes. These improvements will be included in Orchestrator 22.10 on-prem release


wow the is really awesome , You are rapidly thinking about the user friendliness is really apricated :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I definitely appreciate the more granular control over Alerts, that will be very useful. Thanks for your hard work!


Hi @Domo_Arigato,

Thank you for your feedback!

For Automation Cloud Orchestrator, we’ll be adjusting the times when the daily summary emails are sent out to be more relevant, based on the region where the respective tenant is hosted - Data residency (cloud)

For example, for tenants hosted in the Japan region we will start to deliver the daily summary emails at 7AM JST.

Expect more news and release notes around these changes in the next few weeks.


Thanks Bogdan,
That sounds awesome.

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