Returning matched data

CheckFAMEList.xaml (20.8 KB)

Invoice Data.xlsx (590.8 KB)

CosOver5Employees_UKEir.xlsx (10.3 KB)

I have the attached setup so that an Invoice list is inputted and it looks up the Company Name against a second list (“CosOver5Employees_UKEir”). Currently it just indicates if there is a match.

  1. When populating the column with Yes or No if it matches it overwrites the header. Is there a way to prevent this?
  2. Also, Is it possible to returned the actual value of the matched data? Thinking i may need to rebuild if it is going to do this.

I am still unclear with your point 2.

For your first problem, set the default value of count to 1 in the variables panel.

Karthik Byggari



is this issue resolved ?
if not lets give a try ?

because we have champion(@KarthikByggari ) who is replying :slight_smile:

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