Return Values from Robot to Caller

Hello everyone.

I have built up a software robot that uses a web application a little bit, grabs a string from it, and assigns it to a variable. It’s nothing crazy; it’s just a POC project for the company I work for. It should also be known that I am not using Orchestrator. To run it, I just run it from Command Prompt via UiRobot.exe and giving the .nukpg file as an argument value for the /f option. The robot runs fine and dandy this way.

I also wrote up a Web API in C# that resides on IIS that is used as a wrapper for the robot. The API spins up a new Process object and runs the same command I run in Command Prompt to execute the software robot. This is where the problem comes in; I want to be able to pass the string that the robot scraped from the web application back to the Web API.

I spent a couple hours searching online through different articles and tutorials, and never found anything that yielded anything concrete. I know there is something regarding input/output parameters with Orchestrator, but I want to be able to use it this way [exclusively] as opposed to relying on Orchestrator constantly running in the background.

In short, is there a way to pass back a string value from a software robot to a parent process?

Well, an argument with the direction set as “out” should do it…