Return to start point of a project if a condition is not met


Hi All, I have a if condition where if it is true i need to return to start point of project ,i.e. start of the process where there is a input dialog box( image 2) and if false end the process.

How can i achieve this?

I have not use flow chart , just used sequence
Here is the sequence:
Input dialog asking for a input text>check for that text in excel file > if present do something if not > go back to input dialog step

Can we Kill a process by using kill process activity and including “Main” in process Name field.If not how would I exit a process?

I would highly recommend switching to a flow chart as this will make it easier to code a visualize.

Also the kill process activity is for killing processes (similar to how task manager works). If you want to abort a workflow use the terminate workflow activity.

Isn’t there any workaround to do it with sequence?

I will try to work with flow chart and see how it goes.

Thank you

The only way I would think to do it as a sequence is to use a do while loop or make it recursive (the workflow calls itself) however flowcharts are the recommended solution as the are easier to read and maintain.

Hi @prabin_poudel

You should use do while loop as suggested by @zwils0. Also you should not use kill process activity to terminate itself. If you want to stop the execution of process anytime during execution then it should be handled gracefully.

I just created the flow chart as it is more easier.

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