Return Cell Address if text found anywhere

Hello there,

I have a workflow which finds a text (2021 or FY21) in every sheet of an excel.
If either one text is identified anywhere in the sheet, the bot is supposed to write the cell address to me.

The bot is working however, the bot only highlights the cell address to me if the cell content is “2021” or “FY21” (standalone with no other text). If it appears as a sentence or date format in a cell, the bot fails to highlight the cell address.

How do I rectify my flow so that I can locate the text everywhere within a sheet?


Hey can you show me your properties of the lookup range you are using and the excel activity package version, since on using lookup range this output i have obtained,

Hey @Quenton_Wayne_Rebello,

Sorry for late reply. Thank you for your help.
Below are the package version which I am using, and the properties of lookup range:-

Hey @WS_Chai, can you try upgrading or downgrading your UiPath.excel.activites package to a no preview package version and try again