Retrying and Scheduling queue exceptions

I am trying to rerun business exceptions on a queue at a scheduled time. For example, there’s a transaction with a business exception because of a missing phone number and this is tagged biz exception for such reason though I would like to retry this transaction at a later time once the phone number has been added. I know biz exceptions are not retried by default but this can be done by assigning the retry number like in the case of application exceptions.

How do I schedule to run a queue with exceptions at a different time? If a queue is run at 6AM and has 100 exceptions(business and/or application) after it has been processed and I’d like to retry the failed items at a later time (11AM) once the business exceptions have been updated manually. How do I do this? I do not want this to be retried during the first run.

Basically had to load the failed items into a different queue and scheduled for the needed time. Don’t know if there are better ways to do this but this works.

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