Retry to connect after connection problem

I have an issue with which I need your help.
Our robots connects to the database without a problem. Runs efficiently connects and executes query and sometimes due to things we can not control we loose internet connection for a longer period. The process send us information connection disabled and invoked code where we have execute query doesn’t work of course the whole process gets stopped.
The question I have is do I do a try catch on the execute query or do I do a try catch on the connection in INITALLAPPLICATIONS in reframework.
I have already extended the timeout in the execute query to 60 seconds.
My second question is as the connection is an argument I pass to the query does this mean that when execute query is connecting it is going back to the connection in initallapplications.

Thanks for your help

Actually, you don’t have to try catch the query if I understand you correctly.

If you catch the exception, your workflow will continue but I don’t think you should continue when you cannot access your database.

So when your execute query fails, it’ll throw an exception (or you catch it and throw your own ApplicationException) and it’ll retry the transaction again, if you have retries configured.

If an Application Exception happens in the Init part of the ReFramework, the process instantly moves to the “End process” state and then stop.

So I’m not sure why you’d even want to catch the exception other than changing the exception message.

My aim is to make it wait and reconnect again. If the connection disables than wait and try again as I don’t want to robot to quit due to a connection problem that might be resolved in 60 seconds after it could not connect. I want it to give it another go and maybe after that second try if nothing worked it will send an email and go to the end of the process.

Oh then I didn’t understand you correctly.

You can use the retry scope for this.
Use a try catch inside and catch the error because the retry scope stops on errors.