Retry scope not working as expected


I have a scenario that where i am trying to send a reply to an email with the attachments .

1: click send after the open attachments are clicked.
2: the pop up shows "This action cant be performed until all attachments are loaded.
3: so i click ok and hit send button again.
4: the pop up still shows up as the attachments are still not added.

So to handle the scenario i have implemented Retry scope.

Please help to implement the scenario successfully,

The condition is checking if the send button element exists?
if exists click on send button.
else check the pop up exists and click ok button in Pop up.
and click back send button.

Hi @kiranmili, you could use the Element Exists to check for your send button. Then an IF activity, if exists click send, if not do whatever you need.

Hi Quihan,

Actually the steps i corrected and its working fine now.


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No worries @kiranmili, happy automation :slight_smile: