Retry scope error : Process not execute as expected

I am retyring for get email activities. My retry interval time is 1 minute and retrieval time is 10 times.

Email received at the first attempt but still it tries for 10 times and then give error of executed unexpected.

Can someone please help on this issue.

Thank you


So what is your condition to get out of the Retry Scope?

Can you provide the screenshot and some more information?


I am using Is True Activity and condition is MailMessageList.Count>0


Keep condition part is blank and run the process. No need to pass any condition here.

let me try

Why I am getting count 0 while I have 2 unread emails in my mailbox .


May be emails marked as read. Can you please check again.

I did checked and it’s unread.

Do you think any other way than retry scope.


Use Flow Decision and check for condition like whether email count is greater than 0 or not. If emails found then try next steps else put link back to Get Mails activity.

@lakshman Let me try that. Thanks

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