Retry Scope: Any way to know which RetryInterval it is on?

Is there a way to reference the RetryInterval within the Retry Scope activity? I’ve found this activity to be beneficial for times when I am getting intermittant errors, but it would be useful for debugging and other general purposes if I could know which retry interval was the one that actually worked.

For example, if a sequence always worked within 3 tries, but always failed on the 4+ time, then I’d know not to set the retry interval to 4 or more.

I realize a counter variable could be used for this, but since the RetryInterval is already built in, it seems like we should be able to access it easily, but I’m just not sure how.

I don’t think there’s a way from my understanding. But this would be useful and the same with “For each” loops (I’m always needing to store the iterator with IndexOf or a counter).

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