Retry Scope Activity?

This is not for exam preparation
I just want to learn different scenarios of retry scope

I want to Understand completely
I came across this question

I am confused

please explain


The option would A…

So here retry acope will try the activity inside it till the activity is successful or the max retry count is reached…

So if the click or get text fails it retries again till the max retry count is reached …

That is the use of retry scope

The default timeout is 30 seconds by default so if it is not available in 30 seconds it will retry again as the get text or click fails


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A: In my opinion is correct
B: Consider this scenario: The button is loaded but the label not. We will click on the button, exit retry scope (because of continue on error property), but the text from label is not retrieved.
C: Not working properly for this scenario: The button is loaded but the label not fully loaded (element already exists but the text will appear after one second). This kind of thing happens on some websites and applications. Robot Get empty text and exit retry scope. Clicking should be also repeated multiple times until successful.
D: Not correct - when the label is loaded but the button not. We should repeat clicking multiple times until successful.

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Option A