Retry n times task

Hi all,

Due to the following scenario:

As you can see i have some try catch and flow decition in order to guarantee that if there is any error try again the full step.
My question is, there is any way to stablish maximun number of retries?
For example indication retries = 2 and if fails two trimes, stop the task and send an email.

I hope you can help me


Hi @christian.romero

Yes it is possible

After the start use assign activitiy to intialise a int32 varaibles

counter = 0

Max_retry = n, where n is a int32 varaible

Now in catch section use assign activitiy to increment the counter

counter = counter+1

Now in decision stage use counter< Max_retry

If it is true continue the activity

If it is false use send mail activitiy to send mail

Hope it helps


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