Retry Mechanism's io_TransactionNumber

in the Retry mechanism of Reframe Work,

when queueRetry is true ,
what’s th meaning of “io_TransactionNumber = io_TransactionNumber+1”
when the transaction is queue,what is TransactionNumber used for ?

thanks for your help

for each and every queue item if the process is failed then there is a automatic retry the process for the same queue item when queueRetry is true; we use io_TransactionNumber to restric the number of retry happens usually we stop retrying after 3 times, it will be initiated to 0 in config and as retry happens it will incremented by 1 at each time and after 3 it will stop.


thanks for your help

but I still have a doubt
I knew the RetryNumber is for restricing the number of retry times when it’s not a queueitem
and io_TransactionNumber is used for getting the current transaction where it’s not a queueitem

but why is TransactionNumber increased when it’s a queueitem ,what’s the transactionNumber used for when it’s a queueitem

For not to stop retrying you will have to increase the in_transactionnumber and then check with max retry.

Let us know if this helps,
Pavan H