Retry Action Looping

I have a workflow that pulls information from SAP. One uncommon scenario is that another user is using the system so I will receive a “locked data” window pop up, which disrupts the workflow. I want to have the workflow repeat the previous step (try accessing the data in SAP) after a delay and repeat until successful. Or if the windows does not popup to ignore and continue normally. I was wondering if this is possible.

Hi @jokano1

You can use Pick Branch and Pick Activity inside a Retry Scope accordingly.


@suraj.setty Would I use the Retry Scope inside of a Try Catch? I dont need the loop unless this “locked data” window pops up. If it window doesnt pop up it would just ignore the Retry Scope.

Then please use an Element Exist Activity to identify the “Locked data” Pop Up which OutPuts the value in Boolean format and then you can loop through.


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