Retrieving Orchestrator Variables


As part of an automation I am working on I have written a Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Folderid variable to the Orchestrator Queue. I need to retrieve this later in the process.

Can anyone tell me the syntax for doing this in an assign activity?

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Use “Get Queue Items” activity.

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WC to UiPath

you can search Activity called Get Queue Items and use it

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Thank you for your response, although I can’t see how I can assign a queue item of a specific variable type to a variable in my sequence?

Get Transaction Item will give us a variable of type queueitem
and get that variable and mention like this in a assign activity like this

Cheers @M.Smith

Surely setting an asset would be a better solution, then retrieving it when required,

Once you have added the folderID to the queue, you can retrieve it as a string and assign it directly to a folderID variable in your workflow.

eg in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“myfolderID”).ToString

The Exchange folderID is simply a long string of characters that Exchange uses to identify the folder.

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