Retrieving Dynamic web table row/column

I have a webpage with some dynamic rows which contains IPs. Every login it will change to some other IPs. I need to sort the Table with some condition. Based on that condition I need to select IPs from the table and do some other operations. How it possible. Anyone have an idea about this. Please help

Hi @prejith - Do you want to fetch the dynamic IP details from web page? If so then could you please check your selector which gives the “aaname”.

Then the next you have asked to sort the Table? Table from Excel or web page?

If you can clarify or clear it then it would be helpful to find out the solution also if you cab share the screenshot too


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@AnandKumar26 Here is the screenshot of my web table. Here the table contains score field, same like IPs field. I need to create a condition on the score field when the score is less than 900. Then the robot will click on the score button or corresponding IP. Please help :slight_smile:

image Screenshot of aaname

I don’t want to sort the web table, Please ignore the table sort part.

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Kindly share the selector of second score too? It would be helpful to find out the unique value between each box



@AnandKumar26 need to loop this screen scrapping data and assign that variable into aaname. Is that possible?

Screen Scrapping of entire screen? What is the out put that you are getting for it? If you get that aaname value then you can pass that as a variable inside the selector using For Each loop.


@AnandKumar26 i got the entire values that i want. But i cannot assign variable in the selector.

This is my selector string
webctrl aaname=‘“+item.ToString()+”’ parentid=‘device-list’ tag=‘P’

i tried to assign the value that i got from the screen scrapping to the aaname=(Screen Scrapping data) using for loop. But it only picks the first character. I am attaching my xaml file.

test.xaml (11.8 KB)

You need to copy the entire selector which has shown in your previous screen shot starts from <html app=‘chrome.exe’ … in that only you have to pass that variable. In the flow you have used only from <webctrl aaname=‘’

Kindly change that and try. You workflow i giving error for me saying missing activity due to version issue.


@AnandKumar26 It’s working !!

  • Convert the string output to an array of string
  • put it in the loop and assign the variable to aaname

Assign selector to a variable as mentioned below and pass it

Value= " html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘abcd’ /><webctrl aaname=‘“+item.ToString()+”’ parentid=‘device-list’ tag=‘P’

Thank you for the support. :slight_smile:

@prejith - Great!!! Mark it as solution to close this thread.


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