Retrieving current workflow name

Is there any way in which I can obtain the name of the current workflow from a variable? I am thinking of a variable such as “this” in OOP languages (C++, Java, C# etc).

I need it because I want to add a log field (or just display it in the log message itself) that shows me the workflow in which the log message was triggered (i.e. the name of the sequence/flowchart or the name of the .xaml file).

I want it to be dynamically generated at runtime, not harcoded, that’s why I am thinking there may be a system variable or something that stores the current workflow.


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did this thread helped you on this

kindly try with this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @danielruse

Hi Palaniyappan,

I don’t think you’ve understand my question. I want to retrieve the name of the current workflow, not the project name or the activity.

Anyway, the post is related to my issue: I also want to improve the exception handling by creating a generic activity that will print a message containing the workflow in which the error occurred. None of the solutions mentioned in that post shows how to do that.