Retrieving BrowserType from Config

hi everyone,

im trying to get my BrowserType from the setting of my ConfigFile
into a variable of type BrowserType i write Ctype(Config(“KeyOfBrowserInConfig”), BrowserType)
but i keep on getting an error message stating that i cannot convert integer into BrowserType
why is that/ what can i do?

thank a lot!

Hi @Ilona_Shishov

Can you share your xaml


Hi Ashwin. Could you assist me on level 3 assignment. i have been uploading my work but its failed all the time.

Hi @Ilona_Shishov,

You can put the browser integer into your config file KeyOfBrowserInConfig key

0 = IE
1 = Firefox
2 = Chrome
6 = Edge

and then do something like

myBrowserType as BrowserType = CType(CInt(Config(“KeyOfBrowserInConfig”)), BrowserType)

You can then use myBrowserType in the Open Browser activity.

Hope this gives you some ideas.