Retrieving an element in an array

Hi there team, I am trying to get the index of an element in a an array, I’m using the following but I’m getting an exception that “indexOf” is not declared:

myArray = {"tome","mary","lisa"}
targetElementIndex = indiexOf(myArray,"mary")

and i have set targetElementIndex to an int

  1. i also want to be able to do something like this:
nextTargetIndex = targetElementIndex + 1

thank you in advance!


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Please check indexOf spellling.

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Hi @olmccb, please try Array.IndexOf(myArray ,“mary”)

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ah see what i did wrong!! instead of starting the expresseion with “Array” i started with my array!! Thank you!

thank you for your hellp i see what i did wrong,i didnt start the expression with Array.

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thank you for your help!

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